The Vaillant Group API Developer Programmes gives you unparalleld access to a huge range of Vaillant Group heating products. Please find below information on supported devices.


The Vaillant Group API Developer Programme requires a gateway that provides the connection between the heating system and the Vaillant Group backend systems. Currently, the API Developer Programme is fully compatible with the eRelax, vSmart, Migo, VR 100 and MiLink plus range of gateways. The API Developer Programme will support more Vaillant Group gateways in the near future.

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Heating Appliances

The API Developer Programme is compatible with all Vaillant Group gas boilers that support the ebus protocoll. Generally speaking, all condensing boilers from the Vaillant Group that were produced after 2008 support the ebus. While supporting single heating circuit systems, the API Developer Programme will soon be enhanced to cover heat pumps and multi-heating circuits systems.