Getting Started

Every journey starts with the first step. To ease your initial steps, we have compiled a brief getting started guide.

Your Developer Account

You need a developer account for our API Developer Programme. Please apply for a developer account if you do not have one already. Please note that the API Developer Programme is currently only available for professional usage in a business context and not for private use. The application includes the agreement of our Terms and Conditions. Once your partnership is confirmed, you will get credentials to log into the Developer Portal and you will receive your client ID and secret from us.

Subscribe to an API Account

Discover our API Products and chose the product that best suits your use case. After subscribing to the API product of your choice, you will have access to your subscription ID that you have to include in each request header.

Access to a heating system

You should have access to a Vaillant Group heating solution that is compatible with the API Developer Programme. Check out our compatility section to find out more. However, do not worry if you do not have a compatible system available. For integration and testing purposes we can provide you with access to a system simulation. Just drop us a line.

Connecting to a heating system

After performing your authorization using the OAuth2.0 client credentials flow, you will receive your access token. To connect to one heating system, you need to know the Vaillant Group serial number of the gateway. A Vaillant Group serial number is a 28 characters long unique identifier that you have to use as a path parameter to access a specific heating system. During the trail phase, you will need to pass the serial numbers manually to us and we will grant you the access rights.

Rate limits

We have decided not to use absolute rate limits in our product packages. Instead, each product package features a concurrency limit that restricts how many API calls you can issue in parallel. Each API product contains a trial package with a limit of 2 concurrent requests that will allow you to test and integrate our APIs. Once you are ready to move to production, you can flexibly switch to our M (5 concurrent calls), L (20 concurrent calls) or XL (50 concurrent calls) packages. And if you decide to go beyond XL, just contact us and we will find an individual and customized solution for you.


The Vaillant Group API Developer Programme requires a gateway that provides the connection between the heating system and the Vaillant Group backend systems. Currently, the API Developer Programme is fully compatible with eRelax, vSmart, Migo, VR 100 and MiLink plus range of gateways. The API Developer Programme will support Vaillant Group Gateways in the near future.

Heating appliances

The API Developer Programme is compatible with all Vaillant Group gas boilers that support the eBus protocol. Generally speaking, all condensing boilers from the Vaillant Group that were produced after 2008 support the eBus. While supporting single heating circuit systems, the API Developer Programme will soon be enhanced to cover heat pumps and multi-heating circuits systems.


The Vaillant Group API Developer Programme gives you unparalleled access to a huge range of Vaillant Group heating products.
Please find below information on supported devices.

Apply for Access

Did we catch your interest? Would you like to become a partner in the Vaillant Group API Developer Programme? Then apply for access and we will be in contact with you soon!

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