Use Cases

The Vaillant Group API Developer Programme allows you to innovate by seamlessly integrating our heating solution into your products and service. Innovation can take many forms and there are no boundaries for creativity. Check out below a few sample use case for our API Developer Programme.

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Smart Home Integration

Through the Smart Home Integration API product, you have full flexibility to link our heating solution to any other connected product or service. Using our States API you can change the operating mode of the heating devices. For instance, you might automatically set the heating system to "away" mode when your users leave their dwellings. With our Schedules API you have ultimate the flexibility to create, update and manage individual heating schedules and profiles.

Increasing Service Efficiency

If you have to manage a service a park of heating systems, then our Diagnostics API will be one of your best friends. By providing you insights into detailed parameters of your heating solution, you will be able to detect issues beforehand, plan your interventions better and increase your first-time fix rate. At the same time, you can provide your customers premium services by remote monitoring and knowing when their heating systems need an intervention even before they know!

Promoting Energy Literacy

Heating and hot water production accounts for a pretty large share of global energy consumption. Considering climate change and the Paris Climate Accord we need more efforts to increase the energy literacy of end customers to increase their awareness and to provide transparency on energy usage and consumption. Our Consumption API provides a comprehensive set of consumption data for our heating solution. By correlating the consumption data with the heating behaviour through the States API individual advise and insights can be generated.