Delegation Services

This API package is made to reduce the number of on-site visits and increase service efficiency by diagnosing Vaillant heating systems remotely.

  • Supported heating systems: boilers and heat pumps

  • Supported gateways: eRELAX/vSMART/MiGo, sensoNET/MiLink, myVAILLANT connect/MiGo Link

This product contains APIs to fetch information about

  • Topology of the system

  • Diagnostic data of heating appliance in myVAILLANT Pro / MiGo Xpert

  • Notifications and error push feature

Usage instructions

  • Register the system to your API client (needs to be unlocked by Vaillant) with the System Registration Service

  • Get an overview about the heating system components with the Systems API

  • Receive push notifications to a customized endpoint

  • Create delegation link to access myVAILLANT Pro / MiGo Xpert for further diagnostic capabilities

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