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Now you can monitor your HVAC park remotely, at any time. As your tenants use their Vaillant boiler, data is transmitted to the Vaillant server. This data is then shared with you, providing you with real-time, actionable insights.

Your Benefits

On-site interventions aren’t just costly for you, they are inconvenient for customers. The Vaillant API allows you to change settings on heating appliances remotely, without a personal visit. These changes can also help the tenant reduce energy costs.


Increase your efficiency

Cut costs

Solve issues and save valuable time

faster Response

 Resolve problems and keep customers happy


Be seen as more responsive, caring landlord

Our Offer

Vaillant´s WIFI gateway myVAILLANT connect/MiGo link is compatible with boilers and heat pumps.

API Package Recommendation

Diagnostic Services

Reduce the number of on-site visits and increase service efficiency with remote monitoring of Vaillant heating systems.


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