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Service business 2.0: digital, proactive, efficient

Remote diagnostics refers to web-based analysis and correction of faults on technical units at a different location. Larger service companies in the HVAC industry have already discovered the potential for their daily business and are expanding their range in an effort to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. A concrete example of an application with 194 remotely managed Vaillant Group system boilers reveals an average drop of in fault-related downtime of 15 hours for end customers.

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Client Delegation Flow

We are happy to announce our new client delegation flow. It enables quick integration of our remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions myVAILLANT Pro and MiGo Xpert by only integrating a few APIs. If you are looking for a proof-of-concept or want to keep your integration investment for your own remote monitoring solution as low as possible, we highly recommend using this new feature. It is now available in the first countries and will be rolled-out to more in the future. Please visit the API documentation (login required) for more information. In case of interest or questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with API-support@vaillant-group.com.

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Meet the team

Lukas Michel is our evangelist for the Vaillant Group’s API Developer programme, whilst Jürgen Stauvermann is a member of the API Developer team. In the following interview, they reveal what their work looks like, what their objectives are, where they see the future with data interfaces for Vaillant heating systems, and more.

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