Smart Home Integrator

Integrate Vaillant HVAC in your smart home application and make it accessible for your customer.

Smart Home API for heat pumps

Thanks to the Vaillant APIs, our products can integrate seamlessly with other smart devices in the home without the need for a separate control interface. So now, the same controller used to dim the lights or raise the blinds can be used to control home comforts with a Vaillant HVAC. All the API needs is data. No new language or protocols needed.

Saunier Duval Smart Home API – the solution
for system interoperability

Now you can work more efficiently, offer new services and get premium levels of support - all at the same time. Vaillant APIs allow you to provide genuine innovation into the homes of consumers.

Your Benefits

Both temperature and operation modes can be altered. Windows for hot water and heating can be changed. Consumers can see and respond to consumption data, using their existing smart home controller or app.

Smartphone simple

Easy to use app puts control in the pocket.

up to date

Live data means the information you see is always current.

Proactive now

Customers can instantly adjust their energy usage.


Change hot water and heating windows.

Our Offer

This is an API package with dedicated features relating to HVAC. Temperatures for heating and water can be easily altered, as can the windows for usage. Plus, consumption data is visible.

API Package Recommendation

Smart Home Services

Add value to your Smart Home Application by integrating
Vaillant´s heating systems.


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