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Vaillant heat pumps now blend comfortably in your smart home solution

For the big picture, our States API allows the homeowner to get a snapshot of how the heating system is running. Including the temperature of a specific room. If anything goes wrong, the Notifications API steps in. 

Our Settings API allows them to change the operating mode of their heating devices. If, for example, they plan to be away from home for a while. 

With the Scheduling API, people can create, update and manage individual heating profiles or schedules. So they can tailor the settings depending on who’s at home, or if the weather suddenly changes, for example.

Meanwhile, our Consumption API shows the energy consumed, split between heating and hot water generation. Which allows decisions to be made about economy. 

Finally, to take care of data privacy admin and GDPR regulations, there’s the Registration API

Considering the quality, efficiency and reliability of Vaillant heat pumps, our Smart Home Integration package surely makes sense. And the potential increases further when you consider adding associated technologies such as photovoltaic. 

The time has come for the next phase of smart home automation. And Vaillant heat pumps can be at the forefront of the transformation. 

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to use smart controls to manage the appliances in their homes. Although they begin to lose interest if each appliance needs a different app.

At the same time, they are also hugely concerned about the dramatic increase in energy costs, making heat pumps a particularly attractive investment, now more than ever. 

The ideal smart home would, therefore, include heat pump technology that seamlessly integrated with universal, smart home remote controls.  

With this in mind, Vaillant has been working tirelessly to make this a reality with our products - an initiative which has attracted considerable interest from potential partners in the domestic arena. 

Our new Smart Home Integration package means that you can now include Vaillant heat pumps with the other high quality connected products in your design specification. 

We have created a sophisticated array of six API modules that, combined, give you absolute flexibility to include Vaillant technology, controlling it from an application of your choice - rather than being tied to ours. Which, ultimately, will make life so much easier for your clients, eliminating one of their major frustrations.