The Vaillant Group API Developer Programme features three ingenious API products that will fit to your individual need. Please apply for a partnership if you want to find out the details of each product.

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Product Packages

The Smart Home Integration product provides you with all necessary API services to integrate Vaillant Group heating solutions with other connected devices in a smart home environment.

The Diagnostics product provides you a comprehensive set of detailed data points and parameters. With the Diagnostic product you can run your own analysis on the data from Vaillant Group heating solutions.

The Insights product is our premium offering and allows you to profit from our detailed understanding and insights into our heating appliance. The Insights product will save you from having to do it all by yourself.

Rate Limits

Within each product package, we feature 4 tiers for data access. Instead of applying absolute rate limits, we limit by concurrent calls. For each product package we offer a trial tier that allows you to test and integrate the APIs with a limit of 2 concurrent calls. Once you move to production, you can flexibly choose from M (10 concurrent calls), L (20 concurrent calls), and XL (50 concurrent calls) tiers.